Sunday, 1 July 2018

Love Scarlet

Love Scarlet is a local business which makes unique jewellery inspired by the natural form, and her influences are taken from her surroundings.  My attention was caught by my friend, Angela's necklace, a stunning Acorn design, which I discovered was designed & created locally by “Love Scarlet”. I was immediately keen to own one myself after learning it is inspired by an acorn found on one of our many walks! Their unique jewellery is influenced & inspired by natural forms found right here in Pangbourne. Get to know the lovely Scarlet Page, the person behind this beautiful brand:
Bottom of Form

Tell me a little bit about your background. 
I went to Berkshire College of Art and Design to do a foundation course after school.  Then I did a Photo Arts Degree in London, which has seen me undertake an exciting 20 year career travelling the world and taking portraits of some of the greatest musicians of our time. When my daughter was born 10 years ago I started playing with silver, making charms to begin with as presents for friends, and then took a few courses to learn the art of silversmithing.

What is the inspiration behind Love Scarlet?
My friends usually inspire a new piece and the world and beauty which surrounds us forms a great inspiration. Nature features strongly in my designs.  Everything is handmade by me at this stage, when I make a bespoke piece I really think about who it is I am making the piece for. 

What is your proudest moment since starting Love Scarlet
I often get messages about how emotional people get when they receive one of my pieces. Today I gave a good friend a gold acorn for her birthday, she really cried, I knew she had been coveting it for a while. Being selected for Notonthehighstreet  was exciting and I have a big meeting with one of my favourite London stores soon so my fingers are firmly crossed for that one.

Describe a typical day 
Emails take up a large part  of my day, I fulfil any orders that have come in over night. On Tuesdays I go to Oxford to a workshop to work with fellow silversmiths which is great for learning new skills. Sometimes my pieces are literally finished off on my kitchen table, it drives my husband nuts living with a creative sometimes!

What is your favourite thing to do in your spare time?
Something creative! I recently did a candle making course and that got the juices flowing!

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