Sunday, 11 March 2018

Greens of Pangbourne

If you live in Pangbourne the likelihood is you have at least heard of, if not visited Greens of Pangbourne, our village butcher.  As a child I always remember my Grandmother spending what seemed like hours in the butchers, and now I know why.  A good butcher is an asset to every village and usually at the heart of it.  They will spend time answering any questions you have, advising on best cuts of meat and recommending products.  That along with general chat, making you feel welcome and wanting to return.  Greens of Pangbourne is run by father and son in law team, Royston and Philip.

I could have spent hours chatting to them about the history of the shop and our village.  What is clear is that they are extremely passionate about the service they provide, supporting all our other businesses in the village to increase footfall through the village and encouraging people to shop local.  In July 2017 they extended into number 8 (this used to be the greengrocer).  They now sell a variety of fresh fruit and vegetables along with a wide variety of condiments and extra treats.  This is referred to now as 'Number 8' whether they are talking about it or sorting stock etc.  Here Royston shares his inspiration, what is important to them and what goes on behind the scenes at Greens of Pangbourne.

 What was your inspiration when starting your business?
 After over 25 years in the food business, I had the opportunity to travel, and I was appalled by much of what I saw.  Occasionally inspired by something really good.  Overall though it was like a calling "to do my own thing", and do it to a very high standard.  That was the start of Greens of Pangbourne. A bonus has been to have my son-in-law, Philip who has the same ideas and standards and works with me.

What do you believe makes your business unique?
The overall standard of what we sell and make is what makes the business special.  The facility, including separate cash handling, the staff training and appearance is something we pride ourselves on.  Only the best will do so whether it be raw meat, cooked meat, or made products, only those of the highest quality are sold.

Describe a typical day?
A typical day starts with part of the team preparing the shop display, whilst others start making pies, sausage rolls along with other products. Sandwiches are made and displayed, each activity taking place in specific areas.  Throughout the day customers are served, deliveries are received and orders taken.  At the end of the day there is a big clean down, before retiring for the night with a view to doing it all again tomorrow.

What do you enjoy most about running your own business?
Being able to make decisions without having to get approval from elsewhere.

What do you love about our local area?
Pangbourne and the Thames Valley is one of the best places in the world, what's not to like.

What is your background and where are you from?
I was born in Cornwall before moving as a boy to the Thames Valley, and whilst a career took me elsewhere,  I have always been happy to return to the Thames Valley.  My career involved  working in supermarkets and large food companies, especially with meat.

For more information check out their website here Greens of Pangbourne, they are also on Facebook and Twitter.

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