Sunday, 4 March 2018

Floating Point

This weeks spotlight is shining on Michael and Tina Cordova, owners of Floating Point, Float centre which is siutated in Pangbourne.  This lovely space of relaxation and tranquility was opened in 2015 and has gone from strength to strength.  They are now proud Associate Partners with British Rowing supporting the Team GB Rowers, the only float centre in the UK to have a partnership with Olympic athletes.  Michael gave a TEDx Talk on Floating and the benefits of doing nothing in 2017.  They won ‘Best Complementary Therapy Centre’ in the Muddy Berkshire Awards 2017. As a team they are big supporters of the loal community and were more than happy to chat to us.

What was your inspiration when starting your business?

Tina and I tried floating after listening to a podcast by Joe Rogan, our first float was out of this world! We knew that we needed floating in our lives and that one day we would have our own Float Centre.Floating had a huge impact on our lives and we wanted to offer people the opportunity to experience the positive effects of floating. Our aim is to make a positive contribution to humankind by providing the tools to improve physical and mental wellbeing, whilst creating a safe environment for personal growth. We hope to make a difference to people’s lives through the wonders of floating.

What do you believe makes your business unique?

We are the only dedicated Float Centre within five counties. Unlike a float pool, we offer large individual pods where you float in privacy in your own personal Nirvana. The Float pod is the only place on earth you can experience this level of disconnect from the outside world and experience this level of self-exploration without distraction in a zero-gravity environment. It is a place where time and space disappear, and your physical awareness diminishes once you can no longer feel the water against your skin. The perfect antidote to our overly busy lives.

Describe a typical day?

We don’t have a typical day so to speak, it depends who walks through the door that day. People float for a variety of reasons, we can have some fascinating conversations and meet wonderful, interesting people. From Team GB Rowers, artists and writers to those who want to explore meditation and consciousness.

What do you enjoy most about running your own business?

Seeing the immediate impact, a float session has on a person, we call it the post float glow. We set up the business to help people, we have made many friends on the way and we love to see their journey and how floating has impacted their lives.

What do you love about our local area?

We love the variety of different businesses, the local community and the fact that we are in such a beautiful part of the UK.

What is your background and where are you from?

I am originally from Cheltenham Spa and Tina is from London, we moved to Reading in 2012 and set up the business in 2015. We both worked in education, primarily in a pupil referral unit and 1:1 in the community with challenging young people. Tina and I have always gravitated to helping others. 

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